Sunday Business Systems, a leader in affordable and efficient software tools for quality management systems, is proud to announce the latest release of Vendor Management Database version 1.13.  This new release is ideal for companies striving to maintain compliance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard. The Vendor Management Database is an affordable software tool used to qualify and re-qualify vendors or suppliers. The latest release includes: A new, simplified user interface Improved reports Minor bug fixes and enhancements Free trial downloads are available from our website for a no risk evaluation: View the full Press Release here.

Is there an ISO Standard for everything?? ISO 10019:2005 provides guidance for the selection of quality management system consultants and the use of their services. It is intended to assist organizations when selecting a quality management system consultant. It gives guidance on the process for evaluating the competence of a quality management system consultant and provides confidence that the organization’s needs and expectations for the consultant’s services will be met. While the concepts in the standard are sound, interpreting and adapting the standard to meet your individual business needs is critical. Key selection objectives: Ensure the consultant has a proven track record Ensure the plan is focused with achievable objectives Ensure the project time frame is in line with senior … Continue reading Selecting QMS Consultants