You’ve invested hundreds of hours in establishing and maintaining your Quality Management System (QMS). Now what?  Continual improvement! You are obligated to continually improve each component of your QMS.  You can approach continual improvement several different ways. Listen to your customers (external customers as well as coworkers and colleagues) and make a list of common complaints. Is your system too awkward, bulky, time-consuming? Do people fill out too many forms and move too much paper? Are there too many approvals and reviews? Determine which inefficient manual processes are built into your systems.  Use process maps and flowcharts to analyze processes and required resources. Ask yourself where can computer software streamline and improve the effectiveness of the system? Consider the length … Continue reading Improve your QMS

05-Jan-2018 Sunday Business Systems is proud to announce the release of version 3.40 of our Training Database. This new release is designed to improve the user experience by adding new buttons to show key forms in datasheet view, new reports. The new release also includes performance enhancements and minor bug fixes. Click here for free demo downloads. Key changes: Add datasheet view to key forms Add buttons to standardize forms Add manager reassignment function (reassign employees to a new manager if manager leaves company) Add document revision field to Gaps reports Add new history, gap, and requirement reports organized by manager Add criticality field to align with risk based thinking of ISO 9001:2015 Background: The SBS Training Database is an … Continue reading SBS Training Database version 3.40 released