The SBS Q-Med Database is ideal for FDA regulated industries (Medical Device, Pharmaceuticals). The Quality Database is designed for Manufacturing, Aerospace, Service and other industries. Follow an 8D problem solving process to fix problems (corrective actions) so they never happen again. Reduce the risk of future problems (preventive actions) by asking “what can go wrong?” and fixing the issue before it harms the organization. Click here for a full list of features and a detailed comparison of the Quality Database and the SBS Q-Med Database.

The Training Database is ideal for companies that already have an effective document control system, but need to manage training records and requirements. Ground control is ideal for companies that need an effective document control system and need training management. All of the training management features of the Training Database are included in Ground Control.

Yes, the products will run in Microsoft Access 2007 and later.  You must ensure your software is up to date and use the proper security settings (see Readme First.pdf – included in the download). If you do not have Microsoft Access installed, you may install a free runtime version downloaded from Microsoft:  Microsoft Access Runtime .

SBS products are build on Microsoft Access.  They will run on Microsoft Access 2007 and later.  If you do not have Microsoft Access installed, you may first install a free runtime version of Microsoft Access and then download the SBS Demo. Use the following table as a guide to select the proper download:   Software installed on your computer   Download   Comments   Microsoft Access is not installed 1) Access Runtime from Microsoft 2) the SBS  Database Only You will install a free runtime version of Access and then the SBS database.   Microsoft Access 97, Microsoft Access 2000,  or  Microsoft Access 2002  Contact Us not supported Microsoft Access 2003  Contact Us Legacy products are still available, but Access 2003 is no longer supported … Continue reading What should I download?

Yes, SQL versions are available for users with greater security requirements.  Microsoft SQL is used as the back-end and Microsoft Access is used as the front end.  This configuration give users even greater data integrity, flexibility, security, and back-up capability.  Contact us for further details or read more in this tech note.

Ensure your computer has a default printer defined. Reports will not work without a default printer defined in you computer’s system settings. To set a default printer: Select “Start”, select “Printers and Faxes”, select “Add a Printer” or right click on a printer icon and select “Set as default printer”.

Each database is a demo product which allows the user to install and run the products 25 times. After the 25th time, the product must be purchased and a valid registration product Key will be provided. Once entered, this product key will allow unlimited use of the software. In this way, a user may enter actual data in the demo version which will not be lost when the product is registered.