Cloud Solutions


SBS offers Cloud Based eQMS solutions:

  • Virtual server with secure login
    • 3 levels of security
  • Ability to login from any Internet connected computer (Mac or PC) and run the SBS QMS Suite
  • Access to the full SBS eQMS suite for an unlimited number of users
    • The Quality Database or Q-Med Database
      • corrective actions
      • preventive actions
      • risk management
      • audit management
      • nonconformance tracking
      • meeting manager
      • continual improvement project management
    • Ground Control
      • document control
      • employee training management
    • Asset Tracking database
      • calibration control
      • preventive maintenance
    • Vendor Management
      • vendor qualification
  • File Storage (configurable)
  • Secure data backups
  • Seamless product upgrades

eQMS: Electronic Quality Management System