KEY FEATURES Document Control Complete document lifecycle management Controls any electronic document including Microsoft office files: Word, Excel, PowerPoint PDF, AutoCAD, SolidWorks Control document releases New documents Revisions to existing documents Obsolete documents Ensure approvals are documented Capture electronic signatures Email alerts to notify reviewers Organize electronic documents Organize by Type, Department, and Owner Group related documents for quick reference New releases reset training requirements User login: define user passwords and privileges Simple, effective reports Measure the effectiveness of your document control system Training Management Manage Training Records Define Job Descriptions / Roles and Responsibilities Define Training requirements by position (standard training for each position) by employee (special training for each employee) for revision controlled documents Manage a Training … Continue reading Ground Control

  KEY FEATURES Nonconformance Tracking and Analysis Closed loop Corrective Actions with Validation and Verification (CAPA) Audit Management Risk Management (FMEA and SWOT Analysis) Continual Improvement Projects Preventive Actions Meeting Manager Customer Satisfaction Surveys email reminders for open CARs, open actions, etc. Rich set of reports and analysis tools for each module BENEFITS Build a simple and efficient Quality Management System (QMS / eQMS) Customer satisfaction Quickly and effectively respond to customer complaints Rebuild customer confidence when things go wrong Monitor Customer Perceptions and take action to improve Efficient and cost effective Simple, low cost solution Saves time and improves efficiency Answers are a click away Quality effectiveness Analyze graphs, charts, and reports on demand Report corrective and preventive action … Continue reading Quality Database