14-Mar-2016 Sunday Business Systems, a leader in affordable and efficient software tools for quality management systems, is proud to announce the latest release of SBS T-Med Database.  This new release is ideal for FDA regulated companies that must manage employee training records. The T-Med Database is an ISO 13485 compliant program used to track employee roles and responsibilities, position training requirements, certification, re-certification, and training events. Simple reports show when re-certification is due or nearly due. Scan and link class rosters, certification checklists, and test results to create an efficient paperless system.  The program has a rich set of reports including employee training history for periodic evaluations or reviews. Measure training effectiveness with a click of a button.  It utilizes … Continue reading Press Release: T-Med Database Release

The SBS Asset Tracking Database is the ideal tool: Develop preventive maintenance (PM) schedules for specific equipment Time based PMs Counter based PMs (such as each 10,000 parts run) Rich set of reports showing overdue and upcoming PMs Prevent damage to equipment from “forgotten” maintenance Reduce risk of equipment downtime effecting product Quality and delivery schedules Efficient and cost effective software solution Simple, low cost solution Save time and improve efficiency Show the status of your equipment with a click of a button A vital tool to ensure ISO 9001:2015 compliance Paperless system